Regis & Kathie Lee Interview - March(?) 1995

Regis - Welcome Neil Patrick Harris! Well, how are you Neil? Good to see you again.

Neil - Good.

Kathie Lee - How are you? Nice to see you.

N - You too.

R - Look at you all grown up here for crying out loud.

N - Hey, thanks. How are you? Welcome.

R - Yeah, good to see you. You left Doogie and you came back Neil.

N - Thatís true, yes.

R - Good to see you.

N - Thanks. Good to be here.

K - You probably have a very good sense of what Doogie was to you and for you.

N - Well, itís allowed me to be able to take my time and pick things that I enjoy doing and do theatre stuff that doesnít pay very much money and...

K - It feeds your soul.

N - Yeah, absolutely. Itís great.

K - Now, is it Antonia?

N - My Antonia. Itís a movie tht I did on the USA Network that aired once and is on two more times - on the 2nd and the 8th - so itís kind of a fun period piece. A Willa Cather novel it was based on.

R - Alright. But in the meantime youíre here in New York working off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theatre. "Luck, Pluck & Virtue" and which one are you?

N - (pointing at the Playbill) Iím this one. Iím the middle guy right there. Iím actually all three at various points of the play.

R - Itís not a one man show?

N - No, itís a one act show. Itís about my character, Lester Price, goes off to seek his family fortune. Itís based on a Horatio Alger novel so itís kind of a parody on society and thereís lots of physical comedy and pratfalls and...

K - Schtick!

N - Schtick, lots of schtick. Schticking it up. I look great in the play. The women just love me in it. I look absolutely fantastic.

R - And itís easy to see why. Look at this (holds up photo of Neil in a black and white prison uniform and very large teeth). Who wouldnít love that?

N - You should see it Ďcause I...Itís beautiful...

K - Itís Jim Carrey!

N - What the heckís goiní on down there? (meaning the audience)

K - Iíve got a good dentist here in New York while youíre here.

R - Convict time there.

N - Yeah, yeah. I end up in jail with my teeth pulled out at one point. I lose my teeth and an eye and my scalp and a thumb and my leg throughout the show.

K - And you answer to the name of Lucky!

R - And when they sent you this, you know, when you read something like this cold, did it read well for you?

N - Yeah, it was really fun. James Lepine wrote it and directed it and we originally did it in La Jolla where...

R - Again with La Jolla!

K - The hot spot. La Jolla.

N - Yeah, so we did that there two years ago and then we brought it up here so itís a more intimate theatre. Itís really nice.

R - Where are you living now?

N - I live in New Mexico, Albuquerque. I moved back.

K - Is that where you grew up?

N - Thatís where I was born and raised. My family is there. Itís a wonderful city. Iíd just had it with L.A. so I moved back to...

R - What do you mean youíd had it with L.A.?

K - Is that pre-earthquake or after earthquake?

N - It was post-earthquake and $100,000.00 worth of damage later I decided it was time to move.

K - Time to go home.

R - Itís a heartbreak, isnít it?

N - Well, itís just, itís a very fast paced kind of bizarre town and Iím raised with New Mexico values and thatís where Iím happiest.

K - I knew I liked you. Youíre not a Melrose kind of guy. He loves his mother!

N - I do.

R - Youíre not living at home though, are you?

N - No, I bought a house.

R & K - He doesnít love her that much!

N - Schtick! Schtick!

R - Funny stuff. When we come back weíll show you a clip from My Antonia. Weíll be right back.

(commercial - then clip of church in NY)

R - Thereís my old church where I was baptized.

N - Wow. A piece of Regis history.

R - Yeah. I was born right down there on 59th Street. So, whatís it like to work on stage in New York City? Do you have special energy?

N - Well, itís great Ďcause the audience is responsive immediately. Thereís no, you know, if something doesnít work...

K - You know it.

N - Weíve had shows where - itís a comedy - where no one laughed at anything. They thought it was hard core drama and it just makes the show different.

K - And difficult, I would think.

N - Difficult, but not in a bad way. Theyíre listening, theyíre still paying attention, theyíre just not into the broad comedy stuff so you have whole different audiences which just makes it different every night. Very exciting.

R - Well, what about this movie, My Antonia?

N - My Antonia is based on a Willa Cather novel. It was filmed in Nebraska and itís a period epic kind of spanning the century between, a love story, between young Jimmy Burton and Antonia, this immigrant farm worker.

R - Weíve got Jimmy and Antonia and here you are telling her that your family is moving away.

N - Yes. Enjoy it.


R - Antonia, very strong! Telling Jimmy where to go.

K - Definitely love. You can tell.

R - Can I ask how old you are at this point?

N - Iím 21.

R - Youíre just 21! Oh my gosh.

(Audience has a strong reaction to this)

N - What does that mean?

K - Theyíre all thinking, "Weíve wasted our lives! Look what heís done and heís 21!"

R - Well, Doogie Howser began when you were 13 or something like that.

N - When I was 16, actually. It went on for four years, from 16 to 19.

R - And so now 21. Still single obviously.

N - Yes, unfortunately. Still am. Waiting to find Mrs. Right.

R - How Ďbout starting with Miss Right first?

N - That would be good.

K - Thereís your problem.

N - Thatís it. Damn.

R - I think youíd be better off with Miss Right. Anyway, My Antonia airs again on the USA Network on April 2nd and April 8th..

N - See the play!

R - And donít forget, "Luck, Pluck & Virtue", The Atlantic Theatre.

K - Heís luck, youíre pluck, and Iím virtue.

R - Please, youíve got that wrong. Thanks Neil, good to see you.