The Male Box

Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howser), star of The Proposition

On being called Doogie: "I have hated it before. But when it痴 a clever icebreaker and not intended to be mean, or when kids say it, it痴 fine."

Favorite watering hole: "I知 a big fan of Sky Bar [in the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood]. It痴 not just a tiny black box filled with smoke. There are a lot of beautiful women and very expensive drinks. It makes me feel like I知 James Bond."

His type: "I知 very turned on by British women. They have a remarkable way about them - a properness and a nastiness, with a good sense of humor. I知 very into Kate Winslet now, especially after seeing Titanic."

Meeting Ms. Right: "I知 a big believer in love at first sight. I知 a hopeless romantic - I think that suddenly she値l appear across the room and we値l make eye contact and right then I値l know that痴 it. Love will find me in its time, and I知 cool with that. Right now I知 focused on other things."

Sally Schultheiss - In Style - March 1998