E! Online-Star Boards-Neil Patrick Harris

From sistah: Who do you consider to be the best actors of your generation?

Hmmm. Of my generation? I'm really into Matt Damon right now. He seems smart, funny and kind. It's incredibly impressive that he cowrote Good Will Hunting. Kudos! Also, I'm a big fan of both Sean Penn and Johnny Depp, but they're a bit older.

From koral13: I know surfing is a hobby of yours. Where is the best place in Los Angeles to surf?

I've surfed maybe five times in my life. In hindsight, I'd say drowning and flailing were more of my hobbies.

From cristabl: What is the one most difficult part about being a young celebrity in Hollywood? And what is the best part?

The most difficult part is not being able to choose when you're noticed. Anonymity can be a great thing. The best part is the quality of the heroin. (C'mon--I'm kidding!)

From arjs: If you could play any part in any Broadway production past or present, what role would it be and why?

I always wanted to be Marius in Les MisÚrables. It was the first show I ever saw. I'd also like to be the magician in The Magic Man.

From herbie63: After the success of Starship Troopers, what is your comparison of theater versus movies, and which do you prefer?

They're so different. Theater involves lots of rehearsal, character study, figuring out every beat and every option. Because once a show opens, it is the actor's job to continually re-create that opening-night energy. So, the repetition becomes the real challenge--to keep it fresh and spontaneous, when it's really not.

Film has much, much less rehearsing due to time constraints. There are many more variables--locations, lenses, lighting, marks to hit and so on. The focus there is to deliver the goods in quick succession, out of sequence, with great confidence. It's much more all encompassing, yet there's no boredom or repetition. The film actor's job is more about continuity, context and close-ups.

From galaxy_gal: What are some of your hobbies?

Magic, muppets, theme parks and Feng Shui.

From leafgirl: Did you find it hard to get challenging roles after playing Doogie for so many years. Were you typecast?

My casting problems weren't so much Doogie related but were more age specific. From 19 to 24, it was hard to be auditioning . You're getting too old to play high school and too young to be a leading man. That was strange.

From larent_georgia: What's the best thing a total stranger has ever said to you?

"Excuse me, does this briefcase full of money belong to you?"

From kitty: Favorite book? Favorite movie? And why?

I have many favorite books: The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, A Confederacy of Dunces by William Kennedy Toole. As for movies, I love Rear Window by Mr. Hitchcock.

From needfulthings: I saw you on Rosie's show doing a song from Rent. I was impressed. How long have you been singing?

Thanks. I've been singing since I was a child, with my dad, mostly. He plays the folk guitar, and we entertained at parties.

From clero: What do you have planned once you finish Rent? Any films?

Rent ends January 10 for me. Whew! Then I can rest. My next movie, The Proposition, comes out March 27. It's a period drama with William Hurt, Madeleine Stowe and Kenneth Branagh

From samsam: How do you feel about the bleach?

The bleach? For my hair? Oh, my gosh! That is so totally, like, hysterical! I don't think it's affected me, but, like, if it has, like, it's cool, like, whatever!

From mochek: What is your favorite song in Rent?

"La Vie Boheme." It has such great lyrics and is a rewarding act-ender. "What You Own" really gets my blood flowing; it's so intense. "Tango Maureen" is always a treat. And Kema Ramsey is so wonderful, so solid as Joanne.

From dahlia7: Many people have noticed a distinct difference between the New York and West Coast casts of Rent. Do you notice any differences? If so, what are they?

We try to exactly duplicate the New York production, down to the mannerisms and inflections. We get reprimanded when our show is long or short by even 20 or 30 seconds.

From gaylord: Fred Savage of The Wonder Years has come back in a pretty funny sitcom called Working. Would you do another series? I loved Doogie.

I'm not a fan of the politics of television. Shows have to answer to the networks, who have to answer to the advertisers. It's a screwy system.

From kialea: What's the best and worst thing about performing live?

The best thing has to be the immediate feedback. The worst is feeling sick and having to go on anyway.